Option not to 'Remove from "changed list" after accepting changes' does not work

RM9 has an option under webhints settings to automatically remove people from the Treeshare “changed list” after accepting changes, or not.

As I have a continual problem with the two-step process for adding marriages on the transfer from Ancestry, I thought that I would try setting this option to not automatically remove people from treeshare. At first it made no difference; the people still disappeared from the screen showing “changed” people, so I came out of Treeshare, checked that the flag was still unticked as I wanted it, closed and re-opened RM9 and checked the flag again.

On re-opening Treeshare, it still doesn’t work; every person whose changes I accepted just disappeared from the list and I had the same problem with the marriages as before. So far as I can see, this flag makes no difference at all.

Am I doing something wrong?

(I have a tip on this which I will write about in a separate post.)

Let me qualify this; if I just add, delete or amend facts relating to a person and accept changes, then the flag works and the person still shows as being changed.

However, if I add a new person, then he or she immediately appears as unchanged.

This is a big problem because if I have a new couple, then the moment I add each spouse, they disappear from the list, leaving me with no option ever to add their marriage.


I need more details on how you are adding a new person and the steps taken. If you add a new person to RM or Ancestry and they are not matched on either side then they cannot be removed from the Changed List until they are matched.

I am using treeshare to move data and people from Ancestry to RM9. I have the hints option set not to remove people from the changed list after accepting changes.

I have just updated some data for Sir Rupert Charles Hart-Davis and accepted changes. He still appears on the screen which is filtered only to show changed people and there is still an x at the top right to mark him as not changed. This is as expected.

I next want to update Adelaide Hart-Davis

After struggling through the 43 clicks needed to update her data and add new events, her spouse and her children, I am left with this

She still appears on the screen, as expected, so that I can enter her marriage, but now all of her children have disappeared from the “changed list” at the right.

One of these children married Phyllis Mary Whipple.

If I add her, she too disappears from the “changed list”. I have no chance to add her marriage to her husband.

Another of the children married Elizabeth Margaret Comer

To add her and her marriage in RM7, I would first unclick the filter to only show people on the “changed list”. The focus would remain on her. I could then add her, with the focus remaining on her, so that I could add her marriage too and finally re-instate the filter on changed people so that I could move on to the next person. However, in RM9, if I unclick the filter, the focus moves to the first alphabetical record in the database; I need to re-key her name to find her record and add her and her marriage.

I need to do this for every couple whose marriage I need to add. Luckily, I have now found a workaround using the ‘recently changed’ group that I posted about yesterday. But for this group, I would say that the process for adding people from Ancestry to RM9 via treeshare was unusable because of the near certainty of missing marriages.

At the very least, RM needs to

  1. Alter the behaviour of the 'not remove from “changed list” option, so that people added to RM are not removed from the “changed list” when added and

  2. Alter the behaviour of the Treeshare index so that (as in RM7) the same person remains selected when you remove the filter on changed people.

It would also be good to move the ‘remove from “changed list” …’ option to the main treeshare screen so that the user can turn it on and off in the middle of updating RM or Ancestry.

Ideally, RM would a) allow spouses and marriages to be added in a single operation and b) when people are added to RM, intelligently keep them on/remove them from the changed list depending on whether they still had a marriage to be added.

Confirming items have been reported to development.

Many thanks for this Renee.