Ancestry TreeShare - shouldn't return to top of list after fixing an item

Please fix this BUG: When I’m fixing TreeShare differences, every time I fix an item, RM goes back to the top of the list, so I have to scroll back down repeatedly. It should move to and stay on the item following the one that just got fixed (and removed).

Sounds like you are working from the changed list, and under Settings, WebHints you have checked “Clear on accept: Remove from “changed” list after accepting changes”

As soon as you click “Accept Changes” it will remove them from the list. With no one in focus it will then revert to the top of the Changed List. If you uncheck “Clear on accept” it won’t do that when you click Accept Changes. You would have to manual remove them using the small button with the X on it in the upper right corner when ready.

Note that if you are adding family members the whole list has to update and the person will be removed from the Change List once the family member is added. In those cases you will want to first uncheck the Change List and work from the full list so you stay on the person.

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