Only 3 edit screens

I marked one of the siblings, hit Edit and gets the message: “Only 3 edit screens may be open at once.” I am on Windows 10 Pro, lates RM8. How to get out of that?

Close one or more edit screens.
Right click your taskbar icon to open the context menu.
The screens are listed.
Click on a screen - close.
or click the unused edit screen on your desktop - close.


The Edit Person screen can minimize, you will see them on the bottom bar. Only 3 can be opened at one time, so periodically be sure to close the Edit Person screen.

On the bottom you can see the 3 edit screen people. Click on them and close.

Mac has same 3 screen limit but that seems plenty to work with at once.

I have not as long time been on RM seen this green line. What to do to get it?

I don’t know when it was added but it was probably within the last couple of releases, however it is there and makes things much easier to see.

Click on a person to edit them. Don’t close it but click on another person to edit. They will show up at bottom. When you close each edit screen, they go away.

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