Opening new windows

I the RM8 demos (which were done using the Windows OS), new windows are opened to make changes, such as the edit person screen. Multiple windows can also be opened and moved about. Is this feature available in the Mac OS, and if so, how is it enabled?

Yes, the windows are the same on Mac as on the Windows version. I am not certain what you mean by how it is enabled. If you are talking about in regards to MacOS, who knows how they did it. If you are talking about multiple windows being opened, you just open them during the course of your work. For example, if i am editing a person and decide to edit his wife at the same time, I would just open her edit window.

Not a Mac user. It might just be that way by default. That is multiple threads or Windows can be opened. This is the enhancement of RM 8 no longer being a Modal software design like RM 7 (yet it still is in some areas like FamilySearch Central).

There is a RM Program Setting option:
“Slide-in workflow” which may alter how the windows appear. I recall this being offered as a suggestion (but I forget if enable or disable) to another Mac user by RM staff.

Edit: I do not recall there being any mention of a user control restricting the ‘Window’ od Edit Person or others to not open as a new one in RM 8.

This might just be part of the learning curve from RM& o RM 8…

Javan, I am working on a Mac. When I edit a person, it does open a new window. That window can be closed when I am done editing the person, or just minimized. It’s name will show along the bottom of the screen. Up to 3 ‘edit individual’ screens can be open at a time. There are a few other things which open in a separate window, such as the ‘command pallette’ or the ‘print chart’ selection dialog. I’m not sure if this answers your question or not.
Re: Harold’s suggestion, it doesn’t seem to make any difference on my computer whether I have “slide-in workflow” enabled or not. I am only using a single screen, if that makes a difference.

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