Person Edit Panel Has Disappeared

I have the updated RM for Mac and last evening my Person View no longer includes the Edit Panel.I have restarted Mac, reinstalled RM…same problems persists. Any helps for this?

If you mean the Edit Person window, either it is hidden behind the main window or it has not been opened. If it is open, on the bottom bar of the main window, you should see the person’s name and up to 3 more that could possibly be open. Click on the name to bring their edit Person window to the foreground. Or click on the Edit control in the Person Details pane to do so or to open Edit Person. Or right-click on their box in the Pedigree View. Or click on the pencil icon in the top bar of the main view pane…

your screenshot is the main person window with a very small tree view. as tom suggests right or double click on a name in the pedigree view to open that person’s edit panel. you will see a bottom bar with the name of each open edit screen. on a mac just swipe down to see all open windows in that app and choose one. or swipe up and see all open apps and their windows at once and again choose one.

if you have your tree and edit person panels set to fill the screen that would hide one or the other.

I appreciate the suggestions and have used RM for years…not a new user, but i took off a few months working on a narrative and have hit a wall with this when i wanted to update sources etc last night and this AM. SO…patience with me!

When I double click this same individual on the right pedigree screen to open up the desired window, I receive this screenshot window which is totally unnavigable.

When I click the Edit button on the person field (under his pic) it also defaults to this same edit screen which, from that I can see of it (I cannot even move to toggle and see the whole screen), looks to me like details for his general PERSON details (not the individual facts–which is what I want–to edit FACTS )

Speaking of which, when I click on a FACT, it does nothing–no display or pop up in the right panel.

I closed down RM and reopened to see if a different outcome would be achieved, but no. The Edit Panel is gone and the ability for the RIGHT panel to be used for adding details/updated media/sources, etc., other than viewing various pedigree views or "everyone’ is gone.

I am stymied by something very stupid, it appears.

When I look to explore what is available BELOW to see if there are nested EDIT screens waiting exploration, I can toggle through INDEX, HISTORY, BOOKMARKS, and GROUPS. None of these seems to help but I did clear HISTORY for kicks without any change in this situation.

Let me know if I need someone to hold my hand through whatever iteration of tech support now exists…it’s been a long time since needing that.

This is the correct screenshot

That is the Edit Person window but the content has somehow been zoomed beyond the size of the window. I don’t know Mac so I cannot speak to any of its operations which might resolve the problem. Within RootsMagic, there is a system reset which might sort it at the expense of the loss of all user settings. In Windows, with the RM program open, it’s Ctrl+Shift+U which I guess is Cmd+Shift+U for you.

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That was successful–I am so very thankful! MT