New limitations to Ancestor chart

In RM7, I could build an Ancestor wall chart with (apparently) unlimited number of ancestors. Certainly I succeeded to include 100 generations – my chart goes back to 100BC in some places. But RM8 seems to limit an Ancestor chart to 20 generations, which is a huge limitation. At the moment I am using a cumbersome work-around, by exporting a gedcom file from RM8, and importing that into RM7 to generate the chart. Am I missing something, and can anyone suggest a better method. John.

Just curious. Where do you find actual sources for your tree from 2,000 years ago?


I’m not sure I understand but if I do, go to pedigree view and highlight the last person and it will give you add mother or father an so on. Just keep adding from there. I’m thing of going back to RM7. I’m to old to be be fighting all the new tricks.

Hi Rich, Most of the data for my tree has been sourced from the Family Search website. I am fortunate that from the Middle Ages back, a large number of ancestors were “nobility” (whatever that means – I take it with a huge grain of salt). However, the benefit is that their details are well recorded by historians and the like. My wife’s family tree is in a similar situation. From the Middle Ages forward, both lines appear to have fallen on much leaner times, and we are both very much “middle class”, if that. But somehow or other we seem to have some unusual heritage. John

Hi Ed, thanks for the tip, though I have reservations it will work satisfactorily. Given the number of generations on both sides of my wife and my families, it sounds like a fairly clumsy way of doing things. Cheers, John.

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