Problem creating a descendants chart

I am using RM8 on Windows 10 - latest updates on both.
I create a Descendants Chart starting with my maternal grandfather and specifying 4 generations.
Chart rows looks fine –

  1. my maternal grandparents,
  2. my mother and her siblings and their spouses
  3. myself and my cousins and their spouses
  4. mine and my cousins children…

I then increase the generations to 5 to include mine and my cousins grandchildren
This fifth layer of children is not correctly associated with their parents.
Hard to describe but the fifth row of grandchildren are all associated with several different sets of parents. The vertical connecting lines going up from the children go to multiple parents.
I get the same problem on RM9. It is as though I have exceeded some limits.
The resulting chart is quite wide.
Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

It works correctly on RM7!!

Confirming issue has been reported to development.

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