Narrative Reporting file size in R8 versus R7

When I create a descendant report in R8 printing to microsoft pdf the file size is huge compared when I take a gedcom from R8 and import into R7 where the file is much smaller. I have changed the font size in R8 report to match the one in R7 but this doesnt make any difference to the output size - see attachment. Both reprots are showing the same data but I cannot work out why this is happening.
Thanks in advance

I don’t know the answer to the question. But I am puzzled about one thing. My experience is RM7’s narrative reports can be saved as PDF and RM8’s narrative reports can be saved as DOCX. How did you make the PDF from RM8?

Glynuk said the used Microsoft PDF, so I am guessing that instead of saving the report from RM, they printed it with the MS PDF set as the default printer.

Hi Jerry & Kenneth, thank you for your responses, Kenneth is correct in that I did use the print function & selecting the pdf option, however Kenneth’s comment around saving the report I had never used this before and having just tried it the output with pdf or word has the file size greatly reduced,as per attachment.
Thank you both
Narrative Report size|593x45