MyRootsMagic Sign-In

Please add the ability to autofill Email and Password to the MyRootsMagic Sign-In.

On mac simply let Safari/Keychain remember your login ID and password for automatic entry for any website. Windows may have a similar less secure facility.

You are talking about web browser functions of which Chrome and Firefox, and presumably, Edge all have. So Windows has fugall to do with anything! It might also surprise you that the encryption in all the browsers is exactly the same. You really need to stop talking about stuff that you haven’t a clue about.

Confirming enhancement request has been reported to development.

Good point badly made. I assumed signing into a website is done via a browser. Safari encryption is done via Keychain and is nothing like what Windows browsers would do.

You would be wrong, they all use AES-256 bit encryption to encode their password stash. The encryption keys are also the same length to the best of my knowledge.

Your expertise is windows focused. Mac OS uses a password/other items security program called Keychain Access to handle Safari browser passwords and make them available to other devices via iCloud inside the Apple fortress.

…again, Keychain uses AES-256bit encryption. Look it up. SInce other modern browsers also use at least that level of encryption, there really is not a difference. There are also several password keepers for Windows that use the same level of encryption. It has nothing to do with Windows or Mac. Apparently RM had some other reason to remove the autofill option from the program. So flogging Keychain is much the same as flogging the Ancestry app. Pointless in both cases. Fortunately I have elected to stay with RM7 which isn’t handicapped like the later version.