My question is about format for adding Addresses

I have been using RootsMagic for the last 6 months, or so, and have just started looking at the Add Address option, my question, is really around what format people use when giving an address a Name, also what is better adding an address to a person, or is it better to use the Family option?
My apologies if this is somewhat long winded, but I’m new to using Blogs,

You probably already saw this BUT if not check it out

Name would be the name of the company such as Library of Congress or Clinton Co., IA Public Library for a repository or the person’s name for an individual–so say I wanted to record where my Mom lived as a child–in that case I would use Family with her father or parents as the name-- I would use individual if I wanted to record where one of the kids was living after they moved out or after a divorce etc…

Brilliant, thanks Nancy, It’s one of those issues where no matter what you do, it sometimes does not look right, But I will take your advice and for family members use the family name,

Thank You

The question Martin is why or what is your reason for entering these addresses–typical I do NOT use the Address feature – normally use the residence fact or living to record where my ancestors lived–so technically I would use residence family for where my Mom lived as a child BUT I would have to make 4 or 5 residence facts to cover all locations and dates— these would show up in a report where as using Address does NOT show up in a report-- you could print a separate report for addresses for a specific person and I guess add it to a report outside of RM…

Times I MIGHT use addresses for persons
If Mom was alive, I MIGHT as I would have the Rural Route and 911 addresses that she lived at for over 30 years plus my sister’s addy where she lived for the last 4 years of her life all in one place…
Living people-- have acquired a lot of info on living people lately ( and yes no matter what Ancestry says, you can find a lot of info on living people on their websites and others if you know how)-- some of this is info of where they lived and phone numbers–so MIGHT use it for that…
Sources-- such as hubby’s Aunt and his great-uncle’s wife gave us a lot of info–so MIGHT use it to record their address/ phone numbers etc and somehow attach to my source/ citation info…

just a matter of if you want it to appear in reports and how much work you want to do–make 1 address or 5 residence facts— all up to you as there is no wrong or right way to do it…

For what it’s worth, I use “addresses” for Repositories and for individuals/companies with whom I might be corresponding – not necessarily for individual profiles within my database. In some cases, these people might be living relatives or un-related genealogy “pen or email pals” for whom I just want an easily accessed directory listing. As I meet people in genealogy groups, I find it helpful to keep all their contact info in one place with my research.


Nancy, I take your point, and to be honest it was an option I spotted yesterday, but could not see how I could use it, You have now answered that question for me. Up until this point I had been using exactly the same options as you have, through Residence facts, so I will continue down that line.

Many thanks


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Thanks Teri, Your use of the Address feature, makes sense, and I think for now, I am going to avoid it.