Adding address for each person

I’ve been using root magic 8 for about 3/4 days my first question is How do you fill out Name and address list , it looks like you have to manually write each address separately? why can’t import a list.

Addresses in RM are linked to people in your RM database. If you imported names and addresses into RM, what would RM do with imported names and addresses for people not already in your RM database? Or even if some or all of the people were already in your RM database, how would the import process match people from the imported address list with people already in your RM database?

Sorry you misunderstood what I asked, I don’t have Root magic address to import, as I said I’m new so if I want to fill in the address, I would have to do each person? one by one, if that’s the case I wont be using the address typing in over 100 individual persons address would boring and time consuming. It’s not important but would of liked to fill in the address.

I don’t think @thejerrybryan misunderstood you at all. He explained that addresses are linked to persons in your database. Assuming you import a list with no addresses other than for persons in your database, there is simple no reasonable way to to link said persons except for going through them one at a time. RM is really not mean to be an address book and the fact that it does let you enter them is just a bonus. There are way better solutions to maintaining an address book.

It doesn’t matter sorry I asked a question and yes there are better ways of storing and maintaining one address book that I have in excel. So I don’t see the address book in RM has a bonus.

I am fairly new to RM8 and have yet to find a use for the address feature. May I ask how people are using this feature? It seems a shame not to use it given it occupies a position of prominence in the left hand menu!

Basically, I use Addresses to add to my Tasks.

A long time ago, I created a Christmas card list in an early RM to track those sent and received and to print mailing labels! But my wife preferred hand-addressed envelopes… and tracking was simpler merely by taking a report printout from the old database and adding some hand-drawn columns beside the list of names and updating it by hand. So much for technology!