Moving a citation from one source to another

I’m cleaning up my sources and citations. Somewhere along the way I have made a citation of a 1910 census but it is under the 1940 Source. How can I move that citation to the correct 1910 Source?

I can’t think of any way to do it except to re-enter the citation of the 1910 census under your 1910 Source. Then, delete the 1910 census citation that’s under the 1940 source.

You may have cited the 1910 census under the 1940 source multiple times, for example for all the members of the family who were enumerated together. Or you may have had the same multiple citations it the same citation was used as evidence for a Residence fact and a Birth fact and possibly other facts. So you will need to chase down all the places in RM where you used the citation with the wrong source. That’s why I wouldn’t delete the incorrect citations until I had first entered the correct citations.