How can I correct how many times the citation is used, particularly on a Federal Census

I brought a new file into RMv8 with the TreeShare from Ancestry. I’m looking at the 1940 United State Federal Census source citations. I have 5 of them. Two of them are a split for the same family, page 7B and 8A of the 1940 census for where they lived. 7B shows dad and mom at the bottom of the census page and 8A has the three children at the top of the census page. I’m looking on the sources at the citations for each source. The citation used show the entire family on 7B instead of just mom and dad. The citation used show one son and mom and dad instead of the three children.

I can’t figure out how to fix this so the correct citation is on the correct people. I’ve tried searching in the group and watched videos and can’t find anything. Can someone help or at least let me know where to look for the answer? Thank you in advance.

Citation can be edited if you need to correct what it is referencing. If the citation is on the wrong person/fact use Memorize and Paste to move it to the correct location. When pasting use the “Reuse citation” option.

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How do I get rid of it on the wrong person. I already removed the 1940 Residence and now have to put back on the correct one, because of the two page problem. But on the birth, not only do I have 3 different facts (do I need them all since I do have the actual date, which has as accurate a source as any of the rest of them) on the one highlighted, how do I remove it without removing any of the rest of them?
Thanks, Jan

Click on the citation button to the right of where your cursor is. It has an arrow on the right. It will open the Edit Citation panel. There is a Delete (trashcan) button at the top. It will delete the link to that citation on that fact but not delete the citation from the Source page. Make sure to update to 8.1.6.

I knew there had to be an easy way to do it, but just couldn’t figure it out. Thanks so much rzamor1. :slight_smile: