Source and Citations - best Strategies

My Question is mainly related to Sources and the answers may be subjective and based on personal choice. I am rebuilding sources and citations from scratch. I think I may want to use freeform creating sources for example by decade then create the citations to those new sources. So I would create a Source (Similar to) “US Census 1950” then create the citations for each household and link to the household members to that citation. Alternately, copy the household citation to each hold house member – just wonder what best strategies other have used and which to avoid based on your personal experience and why.

Also, I am probably going to write an SQLite script to do majority of the initial work

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I’m what’s known as a Source Lumper. I have a separate Master Source for each census (ie. 1820 US Census, 1855 NY Census, 1894 MI Census - and so on) Then, I create a separate Citation for each Household (not for every individual). I link the census scan to the citation before copying the citation to records & facts; and also link the census scan to each person’s census fact.


Thank that is very close to what I was thinking
So do you use Free Form to create those? or from Template?

I built my own Source Template, based on the Book (Basic Format) template. I added two Repositories, so that any of my readers will have that info to guide them in double-checking my research.

Here’s my Source Template and 1940 census Master Source: