Marriage Fact for Married Couples

Is there a way to find husbands and wives linked with no marriage fact? Unfortunately, I occasionally find some like this in my database so I suspect there are more. I don’t mean with no data in the marriage fact. I mean no marriage fact at all.

Use the Marriage List report and review the settings. There is a box to “Print couples with no marriage event”
On the Couple List view, clicking the ‘Marr Date’ column will sort it bringing those without a date to the top.


have not tried – but also could do via SQL I believe by looking at families with no Event for Marriage Fact type. you then could create a group of those people (hus/wife) and then work on people view in RM.


This is one that can be done in RM itself without resort to SQLite. Do a search for Number of Spouses => Greater Than => 0 AND Marriage => Exists => Is False. You can use the same criteria to make a group or to color code individuals.


I probably should have mentioned that this particular search in RM is even better than it sounds. For example, suppose a person has been married twice or at least has two partners. And suppose there is a Marriage fact with one of the partners and not with the other. So the person does have one Marriage fact. Nevertheless, the “Marriage => Exists => Is False” condition will be satisfied with the partner with whom there is no Marriage fact, and the search will succeed.

Essentially, RM’s search mechanism for couple facts such as Marriage works by couple rather than by individual, which turns out to be a very good thing. For most purposes, the distinction between searching by individual vs. searching by couple doesn’t matter, but in this case it does.

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I have a somewhat related problem. I have discovered a couple of direct ancestors who produced a child through a non-marital relationship, especially adultery. Under “Spouses” in the Info View (the upper half of the People page side view), RM9 designates the relationship between the father and mother as “spouses.” Yet, it is hardly a spousal relationship as normally understood (Webster’s still defines “spouse” as “a partner in marriage; one’s husband or wife.”). On the individual Person Page, the Spouse defaults to “Father/Mother” (an error by the way; it should be Husband/Wife). But it can be changed to “Partner” or “Other” (I substituted “Lover”). But nothing changes under the Info View. The couple relationship still appears under “Spouses.”

To handle this, I created family-type facts entitled “Adultery” and “Fornication,” which are accurate but rather brutal. Another might be a family fact such as “Non-marital Parentage” (awkward). How have others handled these non-marital relationships, and how could they be better labeled on the Info View?

I don’t worry about labels. If you don’t include a marriage fact it will be assumed a couple never married.

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You could use Out of Wedlock instead of Adultery etc-- or just never married–

there are 3 good previous threads on here ( and maybe more if you have the time to search using the box above)

have a lot of good suggestions…

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Thank you for these links. They are very helpful and even broadened several relationship situations that I had not thought have but have occurred among some of my relatives.

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