Make Fact the same as Adoption

Hello, is it possible to make the another fact the same as adoption ? i want this because i whant to make a fact illegitimate child where i have the option to select the parents, as you can do by the adoption fact

Yes, go to Fact Types, Design New Fact Type. Use Adoption as the format and create the new one (Adopt2 or whatever) with the same info.

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Yes; it is possible to generate an adoption like fact by recording children born outside of marriage. Just like with the adoption fact; you may set it so that you can choose who the parents are.
This can be achieved by replicating the adoption fact’s functionality and structure, which enable the same parental selection process. In this manner, you can ensure thorough and accurate records by precisely recording the child heritage and providing the required parent selection options.

i cannot see how i can choose adoption as format? i can only choose between individual fact type or family fact type, and then i cannot chose, also i cannot copy the fact …

It’s a NEW Fact Type you need to create. Just take a screenshot of Adoption and put that info into NEW Fact Type. You can only Design New Facts.

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@Mad Dog is correct in what he is telling you and showing you EXCEPT for one tiny thing-- you can NOT put a PARENTS line on your new fact-- the adoption fact like birth/ death is a basic/ standard fact created by the developers-- it can NOT be deleted but the fact sentence could be customized— BUT what the developers do, we can NOT always replicate such as the parents line but we can work around it…

I made a Out Of Wedlock fact BUT you can name yours whatever you want— you want to check description and use that in place of the PARENTS line-- once you have it all set up-what you do is add the parents names and anything else you want in the description line…
you also have to add <[desc]> to the fact sentence BUT you can put it anywhere in the fact sentence–
so you can put it at the end here
[person] was born Out of Wedlock < [Date]> <, [PlaceDetails]> <, [Place]> <[desc]>.
and my sentence read as
Crystal Acorn was born Out of Wedlock on 24 Dec 1859 , at 400 Rose Lane , in London England - mother was Sally Acorn-- father unknown-Per family records and Baptismal records. this is what I put in the description line…

or you can put it in anywhere such as
[person] was born Out of Wedlock to <[desc]> < [Date]> < [PlaceDetails]> <, [Place]> .
and your sentence now reads

Crystal Acorn was born Out of Wedlock to Sally Acorn and father Unknown on 24 Dec 1859 , at 400 Rose Lane , in London England .—Sally and father was what I put in this description line…

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