Listing of adopted children

I have a question dealing with an adopted child.
How are you added the adopted child in the tree?
Are you listing them under their real parent’s name (if known)?
Or are you listing them under the parents that adopted them, if so, how?

I know the parents that adopted the child would like them listed under them, but I am not sure how to do this and make sure that the child’s real surname is listed there someplace
I want to do this properly. I am open to suggestions.

Assuming you know the child’s biological name you could enter it as an Alternate Name.
But if the child is legally adopted surely his/her legal name - in fact his/her REAL name - is the same as that of the legal parents

I don’t follow what you mean by entering it as a Alternate name?
Yes they are legally adopted and there last name is now the same as their adopted parents.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to keep a record of the real lineage.
Maybe the only way to do that is to add a note to the person and make it private.

A person can have two sets of parents in RM - one natural and one adoptive. You will still of course have to choose whether to use the birth surname as Primary and the adoptive surname as Alternate or vice versa. I would always choose the birth name as Primary but others may choose differently.

I did not realize you could do this. Now I see it.
I added a second set of parents (birth parents) and set it too private.
Then changes the adopted parents to (adopted).
Thank you.

Everyone in your database has a primary name. You can add an Alternate Name to show, for example, spelling variants, AKAs, a woman’s married name etc