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Hello, i am very new with Rootsmagic, i earlyer was using Family Historian, but after some issues, i changed to Rootsmagic,

i want to register also miscarriage’s in my familytree, how can i do this the best ?
I also see discussion about illegitimate child, in Familtree i could easy give to a child if this is adoptive / birth child of illegitimate child, but here i don’t see it good, i understand the reason that this follow how it is, but a illegitimate child is also a child from a father only he don’t recognise it (i have also a database what follow all nobel people in euro, and for this i want this good registrered…

Jan Bullee

For an illegitimate child, you can enter them and just attach to the parent you know. If you know both parents you can add both. You can create a fact for never married and add ro parnets. You could put the illegitimate information in the fact description. You would need to turn this on in the fact and possibly alter the sentence structure to include it. If there is only one parent the other will show as Unknown in family view

You could enter miscarriages with no first name and again create a custom fact type

Hope that helps.

Not sure if this is related to what you are asking – you can set the Relationship of a child for each Parent

In some cases, you MIGHT be lucky enough to find records or family info that tells you WHEN the baby died and that the baby was a boy or girl such as my nephew’s wife had a miscarriage recently ( very earlier in the pregnancy)-- they knew it was a boy, so they named him-- same with my parents who lost two-- a boy and a girl-- they said they would have named them John and Mary–so that is what I put in my database…

But another relative had at least 2—no info as to the sex of the children and no exact date when the miscarriage occurred BUT I can estimate at least the year based on when the other kids were born and how many miscarriages are listed on their birth certificates ( or in US Census, it will say mother had 6 born/ 5 alive)— in this case, you would have to use Infant 1 and 2 or Baby 1 and 2 and leave the sex as UNKNOWN-- and list an approximate date if you can.

As for the fact, you will have to make a CUSTOMIZED FACT BUT you can set it up basically the same as the still born fact in the database

This is how I set it up

and I used 1st Baby as the name so my end result is ( and what shows up in notes):
Miscarriage of 1st Baby Acorn in 1858 at 400 Rose Lane in London, England

My fact sentence reads
Miscarriage of [person]< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.

or you could add description to your fact sentence-- at beginning , end or anywhere in between
<[desc]> the Miscarriage of [person] was < [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.
and my sentence would now read
Per the Baptismal and Death Records of St. Mary’s Church the Miscarriage of 1st Baby Acorn was in 1858 at 400 Rose Lane in London, England

Just play around with it to get it to say what you want and if you don’t put anything in desc, it won’t show up…
nee help, just post here again…


As for illegitimate children, I prefer born Out of Wedlock but that is up to each user-- as @kevync1985 said you can change the relationship of each Parent BUT that is more as a reminder to you that you don’t know who the father is-- as changing this will NOT show up anywhere in reports etc…

I have a lot of kids born out of wedlock going back to the early 1750s-- some I know who the father was from family info, Baptismal records or Birth records-- and I will record both parents-- BUT usually in these cases, the kids grew up with the mother’s maiden name ( or married name if she was a widow) and that is the name I use for their last name if another name was NOT used…

Most I just know the mother-- on these , I normal do NOT list any spouse at all BUT you have to add the last name of the mother for these kids in RM 9 or they have no last name-- so my report says for the mother and then child
Sally Acorn had the following children:

+2 i Joe Bob Acorn, born 1857, London England.
3 ii 1st Baby Acorn was born about 1858 .
**Per the Baptismal and Death Records of St. Mary’s Church the Miscarriage of he/she was in 1858 at 400 Rose Lane in London England. **
+4 iii Crystal Acorn, born 24 Dec 1859, London England.
4. Crystal Acorn (Sally Acorn-1) was born on 24 Dec 1859 , at 400 Rose Lane , in London England .
She was born Out of Wedlock on 24 Dec 1859 , at 400 Rose Lane , in London England Per family records and Baptismal records-- Father’s name never found.
My fact sentence for Out of Wedlock reads

[person] was born Out of Wedlock < [Date]> <, [PlaceDetails]> <, [Place]> <[desc]>.
again–play with it to get what you want…