Lost access on facebook

Can someone help me.

I got on facebook but now it is lost. My son tells me I have been booted off and I can’t see why he can see the facebook group on his cell but i cant on mine, it doesn’t come up on search. All is see is Rootsmagic users uncensored which is not the company help channel.

I was on there as Chuck Keever i didn’t fight i didnt try to offend anyone, if i did something wrong I was not aware and i only installed facebook to get the help.

Can someone look and put me wringt on how this works?

Looks like you were banned from the group in August. We had to delete to many of your posts. After so many tries you get removed. Just make sure to play nice here.

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what did I do?

I might not be city wize but i dont think i was ever rude and i got no warning, are you mixing me up with another member?

Can i get back on and just read advice without offering comment?