Can't Access MyRootsMagic

I have had no problems with MyRootsMagic until today.

When I try to sign-in, I get “Unable to sign in. Please double check your email address and password,” which I did and both were correct.

When I click on “I forgot my password” and enter my email address, I get “Unable to email your password.”

What do I do now?

Wait. The website is having problems.

It is currently down; @rzamor1 posted this notice in the FaceBook group 3 days ago. The webmaster was working on it. I have not seen an update, so I am guessing there is still an issue.

The webmaster estimated it will early next week before its up again.

I am having the same problem and it is now August 10. Problem with the web site still exists?

Webmaster cannot give a time frame when it will be fully restored. The MyRootsMagic websites that were created before it went down should now be all up. The login is being restricted so existing websites cannot be overwritten or new sites created until everything is resolved.