Roots Magic Community “Read More” Links

I’m not sure where this issue should be reported, so I’ll start here. I routinely get an email from Community with a list of popular topics. The topic discussions are only partially shown but with a “Read More” button. Unfortunately the link for Read More is bad! All I get is “server not found”. It has been this way for quite some time. It appears the problem is a missing dot between rootsmagic and com.

Could you forward one of the emails you get to Attn: Renee. Then I can take a look at what’s happening.

I’ve forwarded the most recent email with the bad “Read More” links.

Thank you, I can see the issue and will have to track down where it’s generated so it can be fixed.

Renee, I’m not sure what the normal time is for bug fixes is, but this bad link problem seems like an easy one to fix. In any case, two months later and the newsletter keeps coming with the “Read More” bad link.

Can you send me a copy of the email you are receiving. Send to Attn: Renee