List of those marked Living

I think I have some deceased persons marked ‘Living’. Is there a way to generate a list of those marked Living, so I can correct that indication?

In RM8, start on the Publish tab, choose the report Individual list. In the Settings box there is a series of options: ‘List Type’, choose Selected People; ‘Include?’, (default is Everyone) choose Selected from list, in the pop-up box, ‘Select People, Include which People’ (default is Everyone) choose Select from List; next pop-up is ‘RootsMagic Explorer’, in the upper left corner, click on ‘Mark’, choose ‘Living People’ and hit Select in the bottom right corner; hit OK in the Select People box; Make selections in the remaining options, and select ‘Generate Report’.

It’s easier to work with a group of all living people. Then you can click on them in the group list and fix them if needed. In the sidebar click on the Groups tab, then click the Edit Groups (pencil icon). Select New and name the group. Click OK. The RM Explorer will come up. Click on Mark and select “Living people”. Click Select, OK. To view the group select them on the Index tab or People list.

Thank you! This is a great idea!

While we are talking about “Living People”, is there any way to change the default to be unchecked? The majority of entries I have are for deceased people.

The setting cannot be adjusted. Development has it set this way to error on the privacy of living individuals. If you enter a new person and the birth is 105 years ago and/or you include a death fact the living flag is automatically unchecked when saved.


To view the group select them on the Index tab or People list.

Renee, I am confused by this part of your explanation. When I try to view the “Living People” in my Group, I can see them in the RM Explorer, but there is no way I can modify their “Living” status. When I select them their details come up within that Group window but nothing else happens or allows me to do anything. There is also no report I can produce of this Group? If this is what happens (or doesn’t in my case), then the purpose of creating the Group is meaningless?

At the top of the Index tab and at the top of the People list is a dropdown menu item that defaults to Show Everyone. Clicking the down arrow for that item drops down a list of named groups that have been created by you and selecting one changes the listing of individuals from Everyone to only members of that group. And of course, every Edit Person screen you open has the Living checkbox in the upper right hand panel at the bottom.

Thanks Kevin,

I found that to be not very obvious, but worked it out in the end.
Some weird observations -

  1. I have found a number of cases where a death fact is provided in RM8 but the person is checked as Living.
  2. In some cases a person is marked as Deceased in Ancestry, yet is Living in RM8 (despite the constant use of TreeShare).
  3. TreeShare may show a person having a Death fact in both Ancestry and RM8 yet in Ancestry no Death fact is shown. This may well be an Ancestry issue as the Death fact was previously provided but for some reason is no longer showing. This has happened in a number of cases lately.

Re item 3. above, I have done some more work and discovered that the reason that no Death fact was shown (as there should have been) was that the Person was marked as Living (despite the Death fact). Once I marked them as deceased the Death fact reappeared.
The next question then is, how were they marked as Living? I suspect it may have been a TreeShare issue (amongst others I have raised).

I don’t see how this is done. I am not following what you are telling us. When I am doing what you say I come up with different results.

So if you enter a person’s info and you give them a birth date 104 years ago, but no death date, the program is supposed to leave the living flag set. A year or two goes by and you look at the person again. Now they’ve been born 105 (or more) years ago. Is the flag still set to living or does RM know this and set the flag off?

No, it does not. You would have to edit the Death fact to trigger a check, maybe even have to replace it with a new Death fact. Or, run the Set Living tool for all persons.

That makes sense to me Tom. Some people want RM to do everything for them, not realizing how many resources or speed compromises would be involved.

There are some things that RM should be able to do that have been requested many years ago and that are done by other programs such as storing the rules for colour codes and groups and automatically updating colors and memberships as people are added or edited. Likewise for the displayed relationship to a reference person - there should be no need for a manual operation other than selecting the reference person once. Set Living is a bit different because automation would require traversing the entire database on every new day that the database is opened.