"Dead marked as Living" changed.... BUT ANC TreeSync doesn't acknowledge?

Hi Everyone! :smiley:

I followed the advice here in the community
to set groups for living and track in the index and who to mark as deceased.

that work quickly and quite nicely , all happy in RM…


when i signed in to sync to the ancestry tree,
nothing appeared to make changes to,
and when I looked at my online ANC tree, nothing had changed.

Am I missing something, or is there a trick to workaround?
Would I have to upload as a whole new tree after a group of such changes?

Thanks greatly for any help with this,
Jeff :slight_smile:

I’ve just come here having found the same issue, but the other way. A person changed to Living in RM8 shows as changed in the ANC TreeSync but there’s nothing shown as different so you can’t push the change to Ancestry.

The only workaround I’ve found is to make a temporary change to the name, sync that which does also update the Living status, undo the change in RM and sync again.

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Hi Jelv :smiley:

I have maybe 50 so far of “dead marked as living” that refuse to change in Ancestry, and I am sure more are coming as I go thru my list. I will most likely need to disconnect and upload as a new tree, when I get enough changes.

Jeff :slight_smile:

I reported this to RM Support in October and was told it would be fixed in the next release. It wasn’t!

My tree on Ancestry is linked to my DNA and I’ve a number of DNA matches recorded in the tree so uploading a new tree isn’t an option for me. I’d also loose all the hint status on there.

OIC :frowning:

Sorry to hear that.
many times I have had issues in different softwares,
that I preserved what I had, and waited,
or eventually figured a workaround
or a kind soul helped.

God Bless and hoping for the best for you,
Jeff :slight_smile:

8.2.6 - 28 OCT 2022

  • Fixed: Some living people were marked as deceased when uploading to Ancestry

It doesn’t work retro, so if a living person was added to Ancestry as deceased using version 8.2.5 you will need to make a change on the person to have it update the living flag or upload a new tree. Versions before didn’t have this problem.

Sorry but that doesn’t help!

I know that there was an issue when individuals were created on Ancestry, but that is NOT the issue that Tokyojef and I are reporting.

If you change the status of a person from Living to Deceased in RootsMagic, there is no way to sync that change to Ancestry without making some random change, syncing, undoing the change and syncing again.

And before you say why would you mark someone as deceased without adding a death fact, you might find them aged less than 100 in the English 1939 Register (if still alive they would be redacted) but not so far found anything that tells you when or where they died.

Conversely you might have someone shown as Deceased (default because of age and therefore no death fact), but find out they are still living after their 100th birthday.

The Ancestry API doesn’t have a checkbox to toggle the living flag. We are only able to send the sex or living status when other data is updated. This is why you are having to jump through hoops to make a little change so you can resend that information.

What have Ancestry said when challenged about the lack of a way of to toggle the living status in the API?

They probably said “too bad”. When you are accessing another company’s resources, you play by their rules and restrictions.

1 option is to just change to deceased on Ancestry. Good luck

I’m working my way through manually correcting the status on Ancestry, but have an issue with the process. Here’s what I’m doing step by step:

  1. Start TreeShare and select Only show changed people. The person is listed as changed but no differences highlighted.

  2. Click Show on Ancestry

  3. Use Quick Edit to correct the status and save. Close Ancestry browser tab.

  4. In RM click the X (Mark as “not changed”). The individual disappears from the list.

That appears to be task completed. However if I exit TreeShare and start it again the individual once again appears in the list as being changed with no differences visible so I have to click the X again.

I think this must be because TreeShare gets the time stamp of the last change on Ancestry when it starts and the X marks as not changed for that time stamp. However that is not now the time of the last change on Ancestry, so when you start TreeShare again the time stamp has changed.

Is there a change to the way the way I’m doing this to improve the process?

Suggestion: could we have a way to refresh the TreeShare after returning from Ancestry having made a change on there so that when the X is clicked it is against the time of the latest change on there? Closing TreeShare and starting it again is too clunky.

I’m using the version of RM released a couple of days ago.

I’m not able to reproduce your issue. Are you sure the time and date on your computer is correct?

I have Set the time automatically enabled. I’m seeing less than 1 second difference to the time shown by my Android phone.

When I do “Show on Ancestry” I’m taken to ancestry.co.uk ( Will that be the same server TreeShare is accessing?

That is probably the server you use - open Ancestry in your browser and see which one you are using - .co.UK is the British while .com is here in America

I’m in the UK and my subscription is with Ancestry UK

My subscription is with Ancestry.se, but no problem to change to Ancestry.com

Change the .uk to .com