LDS ID Numbers - being able to copy them

When working in the LDS screen to match people in RootsMagic up to their match on FamilySearch, it would be oh so helpful to be able to copy the FamilySearch ID number from the RootsMagic screen, instead of having to try and memorise it, switch to the browser window and then re-type it (often incorrectly as my memory causes).

Is there some reason that any of the text on that screen can’t be highlighted and copied? Or even better like FamilySearch does, click the ID number and link pops up to let you copy it.



You can do that in the ‘FamilySearch Person Tools’ window:
On the blue side of the Share Data (My FamilySearch Person), there is a small black and white clipboard item.
Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 10.47.35 AM
If you click that, the FSID number will be available to paste elsewhere.

Yes, I’d found that, but neglected to mention it - what I’m wanting though is to be able to copy it from this screen

to be able to copy each in turn and go look at them in Family Search, merge them all together there - I had one a few days ago that had 15 instances of the same person created by FamilySearch indexing Scottish birth records and then just dumping all the results into the tree as mini families of Dad, Mum and 1 child.

I’d like to just copy the ID out of that screen and head off to Family Search before I’ve done any matching in RootsMagic, and sort the whole mess out there.


You can do that, just not with 1 click. First click on the little magnifying glass next to the name of the possible match. A ‘compare’ screen will come up, and you’ll be able to grab the FSID# of the potential match.

OK Thanks - I’d not clicked on that wee glass before.

But I guess fundamentally I don’t understand why I can’t just copy things out of that first window of search results - that’s my “feature request”.

If it has to be a button, instead of simply copying the string of text, put said button beside each ID on that window - so 15 lines of results = 15 buttons.

Maybe as a 35 year+ Macintosh user I’m expecting too much? :wink: