It does not allow cancel

I just bought RM 9 upgrade. I opened a .rmgc file. It warned me that it would convert the file to a .rmtree file. Fine. So far, so good. I went back later to work on the same tree. I clicked on the database name and again it warned me it would convert the .rmgc file to a .rmtree file. I realized I should have selected the newer .rmtree database and I did not want RM 7 to convert the .rmgc file to a new .rmtree again. The screen shot showed I did not have a CANCEL option. I had to use the FORCE QUIT menu as shown in the

screen shot. You need a CANCEL button.

I have never done it that way. Instead, you might try File => Create A New RootsMagic File => Import From RootsMagic 1-7, GEDCOM, Or Another Program=> RootsMagic 1-7. I have never had any trouble with that approach, and it certainly will leave your RM7 database untouched.

If your RM7 databases and your RM9 databases are not in the same folder, then you will probably need to click on Browse For File down at the bottom of the screen and then navigate to where your RM7 databases are located.

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The problem is that when I’m a new user of RM 9 click an RM 7 database instead of the new RM 9 database and then realize what I just did, it does not have a CANCEL button. I have to force RM 9 to quit.

Noting that you really meant RM 9 in this sentence… under Windows, the file-picker/database-naming control dialog opens right after clicking the OK button shown in your attachment and presents an alternate database name (with a number in parens at the filename’s end) because it must always create a new empty database first before import. RM will not (cannot) overwrite the original. That dialog has a Cancel button (the proper way to terminate what you were doing).

When that message appears the OK is just informational. It’s confirming you read it and that you understand a new file will be created. After clicking OK it takes you to the create new file screen. You can back out of it there. Clicking on the File page icon is the fastest way to go back. Nothing is changed in the RM7 file, and no new file was created.