Is there a way to upload a 'To Go" to a private domain?

The MyRootsMagic does not capture all of my facts and does not allow enough space for all of my images. I’m looking for a way to put my tree on my own domain. Is there a way to put a “To Go” version on my own website?

RM in To-Go mode won’t run inside a browser. You could use MyRootsMagic and store images on your own website if its to large to include them. Upload the images to your website and add a WebTag in RM using that URL. The WebTags will appear at the bottom of the Individual Detail page.

Is the “Generate files for a website” in RM7 still working?

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Yes, you can still generate the files needed for a website in RM7.

there are PHP and HTML “programs” that will operate on a server. Both free and paid.
(in addition to what can be done in RM7 (and RM6 I believe)

Free WebTrees (webtrees - Home page)
Paid (

other (Cyndi's List - GEDCOM - GEDCOM to Web Page Conversion)