Custom Domains for MyRM Websites

It would be nice if there was a way to map MyRootsMagic trees to a custom domain.

I totally agree. I would also like to see this option.

Rootsmagic is not a hosting service. This would involve them buying/renting servers and providing other hosting type services so if you want those services, then you need to prepare to pay a lot more than the $29-$39 that RM costs. Why do you think you only get 200 MB of space? This stuff costs money.

If you want this, then be prepared to pay a fee for hosting, purchase your own domain, buy software such as TNG which will allow you to dump your GEDCOM into it, and go to town.

or check out GEDSite which also uses a GEDCOM from whatever source

Yep, I was trying to think of that but it done fell off the tip of my brain.