Can I post photos in my personal tree online?

I am new to RootsMagic. I had previously been using Brother’s Keeper for the past 20 years.
I seem to have it all figured out.

I am working on putting my personal online tree on the RootsMagic web site and I was able to to get it posted there. I am referring to the page link that look like this link,*******.
When I create the page using the RootsMagic software all the info gets put on the site, but the images/photos do not get put on the site.
Is there a way to also get the images/photos that apply to each person on the web site?

I was able to get this somewhat working and have photos in my online tree.
However it does not display all the photos.
I only have SHOW PHOTOS check marked. I do not have the the other two photo options check marked. The way I understand it , it should display all photos, but it is not.
Is there a glitch in this?

Another follow-up.
I figured it out. I had to uncheck the box Privatize Living.