Is There a Way to Remove FamilySearch ID in Reports?

Once a person is linked to FamilySearch, the ID number appears by their name. Is there anyway to omit this number in reports or HTML webpages? This number is subject to change at anytime because of the random merges made by others in the FamilySearch trees. I like to have it for my own use but don’t necessarily want it in published.
If there is no way to do this now, how do I make a request that this be enabled?

At the present time it is a database level setting and cannot be controlled at the report level. A workaround would be to to turn it off in Settings>General Settings when generating reports and then turn it back on when finished generating reports.

My guess is that RM will not rewrite all the reports to enable this at the reporting level, but I might be wrong.

Works perfectly to turn off and back on in Settings - just need to remember to do that! Thanks.