Is there a cursor movement bug in RM9.03?

I notice that when I try to edit in sources either the citation name or page number the cursor does not move as expected but stays where the edit was first started, so if I shorten a description by abbreviating a word the cursor does not move to the next space after the abbreviation but now appears in the middle of the next word. This means I need to check and re-edit every edit. Is this a bug and if so has it been reported already?

I haven’t seen anything reported on this. Are you on a PC or Mac? Can you describe in more detail how you are moving the cursor?

Thank you for following this up. I am on PC (Windows 10). An example of what I am trying to describe is: I go to sources, I go to a citation, I go to page number (which in my case happens to be identical to citation name). I have previously written ‘‘Registration District’’ followed by the name of the District. I want to shorten ‘‘Registration District’’ to ‘‘RD’’. So I highlight the words with the cursor by moving the mouse & press Delete on the keyboard. This deletes ‘‘Registration District’’ but the cursor instead of staying put moves to a place in the following word.
This is not happening elsewhere in RM9.03 or in other programmes. Are you able to replicate this?

Good find. I am able to replicate this on a mac running the latest OS and RM9.0.3. To add a bit more detail, you are most likely using a source derived from the Freeform template with a Citation Detail field labelled as Page Number. However, this cursor movement problem can be generalized when using the Delete key to delete a portion of the existing text of any Source or Citation Detail field that does not use the Edit Note module, including the Source name and Citation Name fields. Upon deleting the highlighted text with the delete key, the cursor jumps to maintain it’s left justified position in the field - ie it advances an amount equal to the number of characters that have been deleted.

Edited: to include all source fields that do not use the Edit Note module.

You are correct I am using the Freeform template. Thank you for adding greater clarity to my description and replicating the problem. Hopefully it will get fixed in an update.

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Disappointing: no fix for this bug in today’s latest update

Likewise: not fixed in - perhaps another illustration

The problem occurs in numerous areas where text strings are edited. For me, the Places table is where I find the most inconvenience. The following illustrates the problem (obvious workarounds exist but this is a simple example).

I have a Place with an incorrect county. I should be able to double click on the county in error, delete it, and type in the correct county (yes, I could over key the bad county but it doesn’t display the problem). Example:

Double click on the county name:

Delete the highlighted county name and note where the cursor is. It was not adjusted for the removed text. Example:

The cursor should have been positioned at the beginning of the removed area so I could simply have typed in the new county. It should have been here:

Let me know if this is adequate for the develpers.

Thanks for all the great work!

Confirming this has been reported to development.

Problem is still present in vers

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No great surprise there. I haven’t seen it announced in any of fixed lists.

@rzamor1 I reported this quite some time ago.months, not weeks, and I totally agree with the comments that it is a right pain and non-standard behaviour.
It hits me most when editing places but that’s not the only place it happens.

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Problem is still present in vers

I’m guessing that the RM devs are waiting for an update for the note editor from their supplier. It should be an easy fix, but they probably don’t have the source code. What do you think?

Totally agree. I’m sure this will be resolved in time. They do well keeping up with the more critical issues like OAuth support for Ancestry and Family Search.

I first reported the problem. Now I’ve given up and have gone back to RM7 which works properly and does everything I need. Maybe I will move back to RM9/10 if and when it gets sorted.

Problem is still present in vers :slightly_frowning_face:

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Another example of this problem using the following place:

Abingdon, Jefferson County, Iowa, United States

Looking to remove the County term, do this:

  • double click on the word County (County gets highlighted)
  • press backspace key twice

In most editors (including the one use for this community), you will end up with:

Abingdon, Jefferson, Iowa, United States

In RM9, you end up with the following in the Place name:

Abingdon, Jefferson , Iow, United States

Cursor positioning is the key.

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