Minor bugs - Editing and Search RM8

Editing bug. In the notes section, when I’m in the middle of a line and hit the “end” button, the cursor jumps to the end of the line at the top of the notes rather than going to the end of the line I’m on. It doesn’t do it consistently but occurs more frequently when I use the mouse to place the cursor at a spot I want to delete. A similar oddity occurs when I use the down arrow keyboard key after deleting a space in a line. After I delete something using the delete key and then hit the down arrow, the cursor jumps to the end of the line at the top of the notes section.

Search bug - or at least not standard operation. If I fill in a name in the search box and hit enter, it jumps to the next line unlike any other search function where it normally initiates the search. Normally Tab is used to advance to the next space and it does that correctly in the search function. It’s Enter that needs to be changed to initiate the search.

Editing bug: I cannot seem to reproduce this. Are you on a PC or Mac computer? Does it happen in a particular note field more so than others?

Search bug: what search exactly are you using? You shouldn’t need to hit enter for a search.

Thanks for looking into this. Attached are screen shot videos illustrating the two bugs. I’m running Windows 10.

In the videos the yellow circle indicates when I’ve moved my mouse and you can hear an audible click when I click there. All other moves are via the Home, End, or Arrow keys on the keyboard.

Here’s a sequence that causes the cursor to jump to the top line on my computer. There may be other sequences which do this, but here’s one I spotted. The notes section has text imported from a gedcom and I’m joining short lines so that the screen text will wrap normally:
Click on right end of line w mouse cursor
Home to get cursor to left
Delete to remove either a space or ! from beginning of line
End to get to end of line
Space bar 3x to allow space after a :
Delete to bring the line below up to the current line – Blinking cursor disappears.
End – cursor jumps to end of line at the top of the window.
It’s unrelated to the Gedcom import as far as I can tell because I took a text sentence in which I composed short lines of text and put them into a person’s notes window that had been empty and I could reproduce the problem there.
There is no particular notes window in which this occur. It’s seen in the general notes on a person as well as notes on individual events.

I also notice that the check mark for saving notes is missing from the edit window. The text now autosaves. I think this began after either the update before the current one or maybe two updates before it. I’m not sure if that was intentional or whether I’m seeing another bug. If it’s something that can be turned on or off in the settings section, I didn’t change anything there.

The third video is what happens when I’m using Search. In this example I’m looking for all people named Hildegard in my database. I cursor to the given name, hit Enter to search and it jumps to the surname line.

For what it’s worth. I was a beta tester. I don’t know if it’s possible there’s some remnant of an early version hanging around causing this.

Bob Lamparter
Selinsgrove, PA

(Attachment Editing - jumping cursor 1.wmv is missing)

(Attachment Editing - jumping cursor 2.wmv is missing)

(Attachment Search function jumping to next line with ENTER.wmv is missing)

Can’t see the videos. Open a support ticket and attach them.

I opened a support ticket at your suggestion. I’ll be interested in seeing what you find, whether I have a corrupted installation or have found obscure bugs.

Bob Lamparter

I received your ticket and it’s in my queue. I’m a little behind in testing at the moment, but will get to it as soon as I can.