Is the new macOS Ventura O/S supported?

Will RootsMagic work OK with macOS Ventura which I understand is being released in October 2022?

Yes it is. I’m using the beta now

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Good to hear, though I assumed there wouldn’t be a problem

It was the fake windows xp wrapper for RM7 that made it choke with each new mac OS annual update. RM8 should avoid this issue.

I assure you, it wasn’t fake, it was quite real and and it actually seemed to have been used by the 10% or so that make up the Mac userbase. It also seemed to have mostly worked if you don’t count the few bits that couldn’t run on Mac, like RM to Go.

Agree - it always worked for me. But then I never made the mistake up updating my OS before the wrapper became available!


Wise to look ahead but many do not and blindly update apps and operating systems. Act in haste to repent in leisure. RM7 in the wrapper was fairly functional and certainly a better way to go than virtualization which is very demanding, unstable and exposes the mac to all that windows malware nonsense.

Better to restrict the macs to mac malware, no need to add windows malware o the mix.:smirk:

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