Inserting Tables, Charts and Proof Summaries


I am new to RM and use RM8 on a Mac.

I entered a Proof Summary that includes footnotes and added it as a “Note” next to the event for the person’s birth. I need the Proof Summary to print out in a report and it does so when printing a Family Group report. I could not, however, paste in a table I had created that is supposed to be included in one of the footnotes. I used “Paste in Plain Text” (as otherwise everything was Apple code gibberish), but the table would not paste in any coherent manner.

My questions are: (1) how can one paste a table or a chart in an Event Note or elsewhere; and (2) what is the best practice for where you are inserting proof summaries? My goal is to be able to print them out in reports.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

  1. Not supported
  2. Either in the Fact/Event Note or in the associated Citation Research Note or Comment. The former can be optionally printed in the body of a narrative report while the latter optionally in the Footnotes or Endnotes.

Thank you, Tom.
I tried both the Citation Research Note and Comment. Since I have footnotes in my Proof Summary, it is best in the Fact/Event Note but good to know the options!

It’s a little clumsy, but the font choice can create a table of well-aligned rows and columns. Using a “monospaced” font gives each letter, space, or character precisely the same pixel size. Just use tab and space bar to make columns. It can even be used in Notepad (Windows). Examples: Lucida Console, DejaVu Sans Mono, and my favorite, Liberation Mono.

RM7 allowed choice of font. I’m anxiously waiting for RM8 to support user selected fonts- including monospaced fonts.