Index link out of bounds

I have recently been getting lots of errors, argument out of range and access violation, but this is a new one for me
I had just filtered the index on the left or the person screen to show people with a certain family name. The focus had already been on someone with this name who appeared at the top of the index. I pressed the up arrow on the right of the index frame in order to scroll up and see the first person with the name I was interested in, and I got this message. It went away when I clicked OK and there were no apparent problems. Because of the other errors I had been experiencing, I had just closed and reopened RM9 before getting this error.
I am using Windows 11; the RM software and data file are both on my SSD which is not being synched anywhere.

I haven’t seen that one reported. Open a support ticket with the database and steps so we can try to reproduce it.