Importing Family Search Tree File Problem

After downloading the new Roots Magic 8 and on importing my Family Search Tree file, I noticed several error notifications come up that paused the download. I clicked on the report option and proceeded on. After completion of the download, I noticed that there were no source or media included. Is this normal? Is it possible to download my sources from Family Search Tree with the file? Or was there a step in the import process that I missed?

RE: “…no source or media included.”
This is due to a FS programming restriction.

The FSFT data transfer API provided by FamilySearch for RM developers does not contain any Media transfer capability. The Sources in RM 7 were a separate download as well.

Below is how RM 7 worked and I suspect no enhancements in RM 8:

A FSID transferred into RM may only contain the primary name and basic vital details upon arrival in the RM database.

Additional Event/Facts can be transferred over via FS Person Tools dialogue/dashboard.

The Sources can be transferred from FSID to a RM Person Record one-at-a-time in the FS Person Tools dialogue/dashboard via the Sources tab.

Media from FSID can be downloaded from the Media Gallery of the FSID or the FS Hint that is the Source directly to the computer outside of RM. Then one can manually add that Media into the RM database as a Media file with Media Tag(s).

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