Importing a Tree from Family Search:

RM9 imports 10 Ancestors and 4 Descendants by default; is there a way to configure RM import to default to 1 ancestor and 1 descendant by default?

This makes for a faster import and allows for a smaller chunks of new data to work with and potentially fewer import errors/anomalies.

There isn’t an option to set a default number of generations there.

There might be another program that had different options to “import” FamSearch (Maybe FTM?) then you could use GEDCOM to bring into RM.


I realize that, all I was trying to say is that RM9 should default to One Ancestor and One Descendant generation. To import more records creates a lot of work and has resulted in problematic issues that can be more readily corrected if you only import one geration rather than the default of 10/4 generations.

If you want to sync more, you can do so my changing the default.

My request would be to have the program save the last setting. As it is now, the user has to adjust the numbers each time they do an import. I would save time and frustration if the program remembered the last setting.

That is even BETTER!
Make it default to the last setting and it will make everyone happy! :slight_smile: