Important Update: Upgrade to RootsMagic 9 Now to Maintain Access to FamilySearch and Ancestry

For years, RootsMagic users have enjoyed integration with leading online genealogy services like FamilySearch and Ancestry. This collaboration has let our users search records, synchronize data, and more.

RootsMagic has always been at the forefront, staying up to speed with the latest technologies and online services.

The Next Step: Introducing OAuth in RootsMagic 9

The latest release of RootsMagic 9 (version 9.1) marks a significant upgrade in how users interact with these online services. Adopting OAuth technologies, this update introduces a new online sign-in system, supporting more sign-in options — including two-factor authentication — ensuring that users’ data remains secure.

When will these changes take place?

Ancestry and FamilySearch, working independently from each other, will make the changes on their own timetables. The exact dates aren’t known at this time, only that they will be soon.

We wanted to give our users advance notice so that they will be able to move their data to RootsMagic 9, and become familiar with it before the changes occur.

UPDATE: As of Monday, December 11, 2023, Ancestry has shut off external sign-in access to their API. FamilySearch remains unchanged.

Why are Ancestry and FamilySearch making this change?

Ancestry and FamilySearch, understanding the importance of data security, will soon discontinue support for the old sign-in methods. The goal is to safeguard user data and provide more flexible account creation and access. It’s a necessary step forward as web technologies advance and security needs become more complex.

When this happens, users of RootsMagic 7 and 8 will no longer be able to sign into them. RootsMagic 9 users who have installed the latest update will not be affected.

Why can’t RootsMagic update previous versions to support the new sign-in methods?

We are unable to update previous versions to support the new sign-in methods because they are built on older technologies that are not compatible with the new security measures.

RootsMagic 9, however, has been developed with these changes in mind, thanks to considerable time and effort from our development team.

I use RootsMagic 7/8 and want to keep using Ancestry/FamilySearch. How do I get version 9?

If you use an earlier version of RootsMagic and wish to continue using its Ancestry and FamilySearch features, you will need to upgrade to RootsMagic 9.

Special Limited-Time 50% Discount

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are excited to offer a limited-time discount. Upgrade to RootsMagic 9 now and gain access to the latest version, including enhanced integration with Ancestry and FamilySearch, for only $20.

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Not only will you get uninterrupted support for Ancestry and FamilySearch services, you will also enjoy all the new features and enhancements available in RootsMagic 9.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, this is the perfect time to upgrade to RootsMagic 9. But hurry, this offer expires soon!

Upgrade to RootsMagic 9

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