Image viewing. It's an irritant, but is it just me?

RM9 on Windows 10.
For some people in my family tree I have many associated images - fifty or more in many cases.
(I also use genealogy as a ‘sort of’ family photo album. Maybe shouldn’t. but . . . )
So, I click on a person and look at the Edit Person screen.
Under the ‘Person Items’ heading, there is a ‘Media’ line with a count of the number of images.
If I hold the cursor over that line, up pops a numbered list of all the media items together with their associated image captions. Great.
BUT, If I now try to slide the cursor over that list in order to select an image, the list disappears instantly.
OH, the list has a scroll bar but if I move the cursor there, the list also disappears. So can’t scroll.
If I click on the Media line, I am shown all of the images (in some order?), but without their associated sequence numbers.
So to find a particular image is made irritatingly difficult.
Am I missing something?

Right, once your mouse position moves off of the media field, the pop-up will disappear by design. It doesn’t appear that the items in this list are links (ie clickable). The way that webhints work on the Person views makes this confusing.

I think you’ll have better results from the Media Gallery view (bottom icon of the Edit Person window). This view allows you to see all media items tagged to a Person or you van view them by event type. You have the option to arrange media in a grid or a list and can view individual items from there. Clicking on the “edit” icon (pencil) will launch your default windows image editing program and may be more useful than the “view” (magnifying glass) icon.
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.19.52 AM


Unfortunately, that’s not for navigation, just an info hint.

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AH! Thank you Kevin.
That’s so much better. I didn’t know that Media button existed.
Viewing by event type is an added bonus.
Your help is much appreciated.

You can also rearrange the order that the media appears within each event type, if that’s of interest… This will impact the order of photos in the Person’s media gallery and in reports like scrapbook. See the 10:40 point of this video for details.

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Yes, that certainly is also of interest. Thank you again.