How to start fresh with big trees in Ancestry & MyHeritage

I have separate trees for myself and my wife in both Ancestry and MyHeritage, and these include DNA kits for us both as well as photos, clippings, etc. The larger, most current one is in MyHeritage, with 2000 and 1,500 people. Ancestry trees have about 1,500 and 1,300 people. BothAnd, my Ancestry membership is waiting for renewal. What do I do first, please?

First, I would renew my subscriptions if I wanted to continue to use them…then it depends and what you are planning to accomplish. Are you trying to move these online databases to Rootsmagic, or what?

The MyHeritage subscription is active. Ideally, I want to move that information to RM first. IF I could do that, then I would hope to download my full Ancestry database and import it into RM, then go thru some process for merging the two. Thanks! JD

I don’t use MyHeritage very much anymore but as I recall, you can download your tree in GEDCOM format. That is the only way to get MyHeritage into RM. Ancestry has Treeshare, which can pull your existing Ancestry tree directly into a RM database. You would treeshare into a new and empty RM database. The MyHeritage GEDCOM would have to be download then imported into RM.

I wouldn’t download a gedcom from MyHeritage. Myheritage has the free program Family Tree Builder that you can use to sync down all of your people AND media locally. Then you can do an export of the gedcom with media which you can import into RM. Then I’d use tree sync to download the ancestry tree. I believe if your membership has expired it won’t download some media? (Not sure never tried it when expired).