How to remove a spouse who was added to a person in error?

RM7 -There is no marriage record (event) and I can not find how the spouse was added to the principle person. I want to delete the spouse connection but not the spouse person??

Any help appreciated.

Oops - never mind - found it Thanks

It’s an unlink.

There are several ways to initiate the unlink, but I think the easiest is to right click the person.

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Found it a few minutes after I posted the question. Thanks a lot.

Different subject - how is the best way to handle adopted children? Should they be treated the same as a blood relation, or is there an better accepted process. I have been listing them as “blood” but show the parents as “step”. I can’t find any thing on this in RM-7 help. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Rick

See the discussion below for an excellent answer.

Best way of recording adoptive parents?. It was a couple of weeks ago.