How to create customized tags in RootsMagic 9

Hello, All. Am busy migrating genealogical content from Evernote to RootsMagic 9. Evernote allows one to create all manner of tags. For instance, I’ve applied the tag Witchcraft and the tag Abolitionist to relevant documents concerning my ancestors. What’s the best way to replicate that capability in RM?

The options could be groups, color coding or fact types.

Those would seem typically to be added into RootsMagic as Media …either Files (ex. .DOCX or .PDF) or Images (ex. .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP, etc.). The recent addition of the Fact-type named Association allows for adding new Association types and the Media List capability to Edit Media has a Tags field (under Other) and clicking it takes You to a pane where clicking a Plus sign icon can add a Media Tag with a Tag type of Association (very bottom of the drop-down).

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Thank you, kbens0n. I looked at the Association fact type. It seems to require that a fact be associated not only with a piece of media but also with up to just two individuals. What if a family of, say, five people came over on a ship? And suppose I want to associate the name of the ship with all five individuals? And suppose I have no associated media. Indeed, I have a list of the many ships that carried my ancestors and simply wish to be able to pull up a name of all such ships so that I may investigate further the various vessels and their circumstances. The Association route does not seem to be the answer (sigh). If you have additional thoughts, please share. I appreciate your responsiveness and effort to help :slight_smile:

Hello, rzamor1 – Thank you for chiming in. I will explore your suggestion re groups. Have reserved color-coding, for now, to family branches associated with my four grandparents. That’s plenty of color at the moment. The fact-types option also seems ill-suited for the task at hand. So I hope your group suggestion will work. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Am still getting my RootsMagic sea legs. Am liking the software so far, but like all programs, it has its idiosyncrasies – just like people :slight_smile: Enjoy your day.

Wrt to ships, could you not use a fact type such as Travel, Voyage, Passage, Passenger, Migration, Immigration, Emigration (some of those would be custom)? Some obviously would need the Place data to be the point of origin or destination so you would use the Description field to contain the ship’s name. Conversely, some would allow the ship’s name to be used in Place; the Description field could contain, say, the countries or continents of origin and destination.

Hi, Tom – I see what you’re suggesting: Create a custom fact type. That’s probably the best route forward given the various odd categories of Evernote tags I’ve created and wish to migrate to RM. Thank you for the guidance! And might I add that the car you’re driving in your photo looks rather like a grand ship of its own :wink:

If you do go the route of using a Fact Type then you can share that fact among the people it applies to.

Roger that, Spyder. Thank you for weighing in :slight_smile: