How many images to add to the family tree?

Seeking the advice and experience of other genealogists in relation to associating images with people in the family tree.
I tend to add lots of photographs but am conscious that I don’t want the family tree to become the family photo album. Or perhaps it should? Are there any downsides to so doing?
What say you?

I have wondered about this before.

When I started out, I would have one photo for each person. After a while, I came round to the idea that if you were lucky enough to have a range of photos to show how they changed over time, they ought to be added as well. I also include group photos (family groups, wedding photos and military groups), especially as you only need to add the photo once and link identified individuals, rather than add the photo multiple times.

Copies of photos added to your family tree remain identified, retain any notes you have added, remain in context and can be easily shared. The originals may be in a folder/envelope and you may not be there to explain how they fit into things when they are found.

Just my thoughts.


For me photos and digital documents greatly enhance my experience. However I use genealogy very differently than most. It is a way of learning about the sea of relatives that I was completely suurounded by but unaware existed.

My strategy is to add at least enough photos of a person so that they can be identified in other photos.
I guess that means I should be adding government picture IDs.