How do I summarize and rank surnames

Is there a way to create a list that summarizes the surnames in my file AND tells how many individuals have each surname? I figured out how to create a custom report of surnames, but this only lists them all. I want to be able to visually see (and sort) those surnames that are more dominant. Thank you in advance.

Have you tried Publish>Surname Statistics?

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Thank you. I had not. Would be nice to be able to rank them, but I should be able to take it from there. Wish we could “publish” reports in our choice of formats – be nice, for example, to export this kind of data into Excel.

Under Sort By is the option “Frequency of Surname”

I’m such an idiot. Argh. I also see where you can save to different formats. I’m still not used to the RM “publish” interface. [And I’ll never understand why they call it “publish” rather than "reports.']


Perhaps it was an overzealous reduction of the main menu to the fewest items possible by consolidating Ancestry and FamilySearch with Reports…

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