How can I print a surname list of descendants?

I need to print a surname list of descendants of a specific ancestor. I can publish a descendants list, but I only need the surnames. I tried saving to pdf and copy/paste the index, but it still leaves me to go line-by-line through the index, deleting all subindexes. WAY too tedious. I’m new to RM9 (which I’m finding is WAY more difficult to use than RM7 or RM8).


I’m not sure how best to filter down that granular (surname only). An Individual List report Selected people Include Select from list No name index and No place index everything unchecked and select from list for descendants gets down to:

Lastname, Given Name (with the first letter of their gender in parens at the end) and then save to a spreadsheet/Word/.csv/text file.

With the comma as the column separator, that should result in a column of surnames. In Google Sheets, the Query() function should be able to return the set of distinct Surnames from that column. I’m sure Excel has something similar.

Then there’s sqlite… or maybe exporting to some other software… FTanalyzer?

Create a Custom surname report, then use the “Select from list” in the Include? setting to choose the descendants of your highlighted person.

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If you drag n drop the descendants into a new blank file you could run the Surname Statistics list on it. It can sorted in various ways.


Thank you, alainemk. Your suggestion did the trick nicely. I selected Custom Report, then selected “Ancestry Surname List” and then selected my ancestor and marked “descendants and spouses”. This generated a list of surnames with 3 columns: Name, spouse, date. I only needed the surnames, but I think I can easily edit out the extra columns in Word or Excel. Cheers - Greg