Gif icons in Home folder on mac

Opening RM8 instantly puts 3 gif files in my mac home folder (camera, rightarrow and leftarrow.gif). These files are locked but can be deleted locked or unlocked. However they reappear as soon as RM8 is opened. Reported to Tech support. They seem harmless but sloppy programming or placement. Malwarebytes paid sees no malware.

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Confirming this has been reported to development.

This has recently started to happen to me as well - I think it only started when I upgraded my OS to Ventura. haWt makes you think that it’s caused by RM?

Based on your prior posts regarding how secure the mac OS is, I’m surprised to see that you run malwarebytes. Has that ever caught anything?

I called apple TS thinking it was a Ventura bug but they were mystified and thought it was one of my apps. I rarely look at my home folder except to check for items out of place but think this first happened with upgrading to Ventura.

I deleted the 3 gifs both locked and unlocked and emptied the trash then looking at my home folder I opened RM8 with Siri → instant appearance of the gif files. RM8 was my first suspect since it is far off mac standard behaviour and full of known problems.

I will keep RM8 on my mac in case my spouse “upgrades” RM7 to 8 but will stick with FTM which just works and has a better person display screen.

I have tried various free anti-malware programs over the decades. All but one caused problems AND never found anything. AVG free was firmly convinced RM7 was a horrible windows attacker. Malwarebytes has never caused any problems and I really don’t need it but thought it might help with email/pishing attacks.

The mac os has 3 system components that are continuously updated with security patches as new attack vectors appear. Being part of the OS they are hidden from users and cause no issues. Macs can get infected but it requires really bad timing or user behaviour.

Rumor has it that really sneaker attackers play a major role in it also!

update 9.0.1 did not fix bogus home folder gifs.