RM update - that was quick!

Now that note freezing is fixed, could my function keys be unfrozen too?

Which function keys would that be?

F1 Help
F2 Command Palette
F3 Find Next
F5 Switch between databases

F5 never worked for me in RM8, so I would be really surprised if it worked in RM9.

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See Renee’s comment regarding the function keys here: Function Keys (bug)

still getting garbage gif icons in mac home folder.

F5 worked for me at one time and I miss it.
I can fiddle around wasting time and resize screens but F5 was great.
And why are attempted re-fixes called upgrades?

still getting garbage gif icons in mac home folder.

Bruce has been trying to fix it. So far he can’t pinpoint what is causing the HTML icons to be continually placed there.

Has anyone found a way to do a Find Next in Notes Editor? I was searching for a string in a rather large note and found the first occurrence using CTRL+F. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t know how to repeat the find. The wiki states that F3 does a Find Next, but that didn’t work for me. I ended up clicking on the 3 dots and selected Find Next from that, but it got old real quick. I saw the link above that Renee reported the Function Key issue to development. But the thread didnt exactly address the find issue that I am talking about here. Is there any CTRL keys that someone found that does this? Thanks, Mike
RM9.0.2 on Win10