Get same facts into duplicate person

I have the same person twice (for a reason) but when I add facts they don’t show up on both the entries. The same person, linked so the same ID etc but only one shows the facts. Any ideas?

It is not possible to have entered the same person twice and have them share the same ID, assuming you mean the RIN number. Can you be a little more specific on how you entered them and why you think they are the same?

Display the RINs by going to Settings, General Settings and selecting it under “Number to display”. That will show you have two different persons in RM. What I suspect you have is the same FamilySearch ID for two separate people. In that case you will need to merge the duplicates in RM if they really are the same person.

If indeed your duplicate person has two different RIN numbers, then facts added to the one will not be added to the other. From RM’s point of view, they are two different people.

If your duplicate persons both have the same RIN number, then they are really the same person and any facts added to one will also show up for the other.

I have a child where I only had grandparents – I wanted to enter that line but wasn’t sure if it came form a son or daughter so entered the same grandparents on both d=side by entering them for the father and then using “same person” to enter them for the mother. I then assigned children to the grandparents on the Dad’s side but when I checked the mother’s side they didn’t show up. I now want to get rid of the Dad line as I’m pretty certain this was the child of one of their daughters. However all the facts about he grandparents are on the Dad’s side. Tried merging but it says it won’t let me merge the same person. On the “person list” the grandparents are only list once so there is only one entry for them but the children are stubbornly not showing up.



Any idea where settings would be? I have a very old version of Roots Magic and can’t see a settings icon anywhere


Thanks - how would I find the RIN number ? I’m on Roots Magic 4


Tools => File Options => Number To Display After Name => Record Number (RIN)

Thanks - my person has the same RIN number for both times he’s in the tree so I can’t understand why assigning children to him isn’t showing up both times. Any ideas

That would mean he has more than one family group he belongs to. Check how many spouses he has on the Spouse button on the Family View. A male will have a pink spouse button above their name. Click on a spouse will move to that family group.

You will want to make sure all the children are added to one family group. Then right click and unlink them from where they don’t belong.

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Thank you so much – that worked. I can see what the problem is now (though no idea how he got the same wife twice).