Duplicate names

I am new to RM9 and find it hard to
get simple answers for a beginner. What should I do with duplicate names in Show Everyone? Pick out the one with most data and delete the other? Also where do I find the file numbers?

I am a regular RM7 user. However, in the new version you should be able to merge the two duplicate names. Be careful they are actually duplicates and not two different people with the exact same name. You can make the edits in the dialog boxes. Or you can merge the two copies of the same person, then go back in and delete the duplicate facts that show up after the merge. Check the notes also to make sure they read as you want them. In settings you should be able to choose the number you want to show up after the name.

The first thing to do is make sure they are duplicates. The best way to do that is to look at the RIN number. To turn this on, you need to go to the Settings menu (gear icon on the left side of the screen). Click the ‘General Setting’ (gear icon) at the top of the screen. About half way down is an option called ‘Number to dispay’. From the dropdown list, select RIN.

Now, go back and look at your people. Do the duplicate persons have the same RIN or different ones?

I am not sure what you mean by ‘file numbers’, can you be more specific?

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Thanks for the info. Yes it was the RIN numbers I referred to. I see duplicate people with different RIN numbers. How come? Presume there are 2 options - delete one or merge the 2 (have not tried this yet). Ian

Thanks very much for the reply. I found the RIN numbers. However I found duplicate names with different RIN numbers. Presume dialogue boxes are the drop down menus. Ian