Sudden appearance of new reference numbers

Why have I today suddenly had a new numbering system appear on existing people which also has created a doubling up of many of the previous people on my data base.?It appears that the data for the individual is just a duplicatebut not totally sure.

The program won’t spontaneously change data or duplicate people so you will need to review your backups to determine roughly when the change took place. Then you will have to decide which is better: fixing the current database or reverting to the good backup and redoing the intervening work.

First, of course, is to determine whether your surprise is actually a real problem or something like a change in the settings, e.g., what number is displayed after the name.

Can you give a screen shot of where you are seeing this new numbering system? If its right after then name you can change it by going to Settings, General Settings and selecting a different one under “Number to display”.

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many thanks for prompt reply. Happened yesterday.The data included in both is virtually the same and the jpg is just one of dozens of duplicates. I assume unknowingly I have pointed and click copied something into the version I was working on at the time and it has created new ref numbers. I will start again on a backup copy from two days ago which I assume will clear the problem. It would be nice to understand what i did wrong to not do it again.
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Thanks for reply. I assume must be me and as replied to rzamor1 it is more about learning than anything.
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The number displayed after the name appears to be the RIN (record number). The setting is under Settings, General Settings. That would indicate you have two individuals that maybe the same. Take a deeper look by checking family member associated with them, etc. To merge them go to Tools (wrench) icon on the People page and select Manual Merge.

Many thanks again. Quite right I had in effect two copies of the same persons across a whole lot of dozens of people. Yes it was the RIN which I had miss called in my earlier query etc. Without knowing what I was doing as I had never done it before nor wanted to in this case somehow I had merged two virtually identical files and it had created new numbers for the " copies".Only using a small part of the options and capacity of the RM8 and as usual never actually reading the " instructions" so to speak until something goes wrong it says a lot for the system and the Community that I have been so ably sorted out in my ignorance.One day I will read to “manual” and not just use RM8 in my own intuitive manner. I will get back to my FH research which creates all this stuff for which I need RM8.Thanks again.Birdie.