Generating HTML Files - Roots Magic 8

I have just upgraded from Roots Magic 6 to version 8. Version 6 allowed me to generate HTML files and save them in a folder on my computer. Roots Magic 8 does not appear to have that same option. Instead, it directs my files to MyRootsMagic, Ancestry TreeShare, or FamilySearch Central.

How can I save my website on my own computer?

the answer is given in and is

“We don’t currently have plans to support the RM6 or older style HTML websites. The old style websites were deprecated in RM7 and not continued in RM8. The only websites we offer are the MyRootsMagic websites that we host.”

When you need to update your website you can still use RM6 to generate your HTML files. In RM8 create a GEDCOM (File, Export Data) and then import it back into RM6 to make them.

Thank you for the advice, Renee. I will give that a try.

The RM6 style and the pre-RM6 style both also work in RM7. You don’t have to go all the way back to RM6.

Thank you, Jerry. I just upgraded from RM6 to RM8. I never had RM7.

I think I like the RM8 version of the Family Tree after getting used to it.